Friday, January 18, 2008

Boston and a New Quarter

Last weekend I was in Washington DC for a day and then Boston. It was nice to be back in my old neighborhood. I went for the usual walk, one that I used to do on a weekly basis and I discovered two things. One, I am out of shape. Two, my name is still on the buzzer to my old apartment, 2 and 1/2 years later! I thought I might ring the bell and see if I would answer the door, but I decided to save that for one of my dreams. The end of my BOS trip had me flying out of Logan @ 6:20 AM Monday. While this may not sound like a great advantage, it actually was, as I was one of the 2% of travelers whose flights was not canceled that day. It certainly did make for a long day and a long week, but that is the life. Among points of interest in Boston/Cambridge we went to Christine's old stomping grounds and saw the Geary building at MIT.

Also, we went back to my old institution, NEC and found this cabinet full of plaster casts of the teeth of singers from the early 1900's.

I have also begun the new quarter which has it's good and bad points. The requirements for a music degree are weighing on my patience, frankly I do not understand why musicians still like to fixate on the 19th century all these years later. So, suffer I must. But I am also taking the graduate Art Studio Crit class and that is really quite refreshing. Visual artists, it seems, are interested in discussing and interacting the present and the future!


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