Monday, April 21, 2008

New PIece

Somehow I was forced into creating a new piece this weekend. I was trying to relax on Friday and then I found myself in front of my computer synthesizing grains from FM synthesis at 11 at night. Not so wierd, but then at 4AM I finished and felt compelled to go over to school and assemble a piece out of them, so I did. At 11AM I finished that process. I went home and got a few hours of sleep in. At 3 Christine called to announce that she had found th perfect masks in AK and that we needed to make a decision so that Sunday was not booked. (We have been looking for 3 years and we were quite sure these are the perfect masks, yeah) This meant that I was back up, if not entirely braindead. I did some mundane life stuf like shopping and fueling the auto carrige Then went to sleep at 10 again. Today (Sunday) I wake up at 12 and after working with James Orsher on our set up for Wednesday nights performance of "Readings From the Beaches of Troy: An adaptation of The Trojan Women" I was back at it, so again tongight from 10 until 2 I worked on the new electronic piece. I have 2 more sessions and then I think it will be really tight (I am hoping that is!). If you are in town, come on out for the perfomance, it will be grand and there will be free wine!


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