Monday, January 26, 2009


I was just informed that I have been linked as "one of the Top 100 Musicology Blogs" here. I went through the list and there are some interesting people writing here. My favorite part is that behindEars is listed as "behindEars offers reactions to a variety of different music tastes." While not particularly accurate it is a very interesting concept, reactions to different musical tastes as opposed to reactions from the perspectives of various tastes or the reactions to various tastes. Also behindEars is listed as Music Theory, odd, I don't think of it as such, but others do. Enjoy the links. It also turns out that Musicology was an album by Prince! And here I simply thought it was an academic disipline.

I was talking with Christine today and mentioned that Liz Phillips was using my work Monodactyl in her course this quarter. Christine pointed out that I was now among the living composers who are being studied. I thought it would be rather poetic if I were to submit a tissue sample. But of course, musicians don't readily have microscopes and therefore the tissue would likely be placed in a refrigerator and forgotten. Not to be uncovered and cloned a full 50 years from now by a microscope wielding person.


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