Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Sitting outside working on some programming, worshiping the sun as the worlds spinning slowly takes it out the range of my ability to warm in the glowing rays, a rather unremarkable thing happened.

A child, maybe 9 years old calls out from across the parking lot "Hey big chief kid.... Hey big chief kid. (a pause long enough to allow the reverberations of his voice to fully die away ) I should say big chief with mohawk kid." He then turns around and runs back to his other playmate.

The kid to whom he was broadcasting to is stationary, sitting on his bicycle on the path located 20 feet in front of me. He sits quietly, motionless on his bike looking out. He makes several growling type sounds to simulate the revving of his bicycles imaginary engine. He does this several times then stops and waits in the silence of little patches of evening bird flocks squawking away the end of the day. He then begins high pitched screams, different pitches with different contours, almost full voice but not the sort that indicates immediate anguish, rather loud enough that he knows the screams will be heard by all and so that it can echo off of the buildings across the way. He then stops after fifteen seconds of these yelps. He falls silent, stares out, never having moved and sits there staring for a minute or so. Then turns around his bicycle and rides off.


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