Monday, November 10, 2008

more sailing and concerts

As if 25 mph was not enough last weekend, there was a gale warning out this past weekend and I went out for a sail. Now, I should note that I was with Doug, who took the 104 class with me and we had a good idea of what we were doing, so it wasn't suicide, yet 45mph winds made for quite an amazing and powerful ride.

me at the helm, Santa Barbara and lovely weather in the background.

Doug at the helm.

This was a bit of a get away after a very busy week (it also was practice for this upcoming weekend). The concerts last week were fabulous. On Thursday night 7 took place and it came off quite well. My piece did not work, but I was not heart broken as I felt the length the concert was where I wanted and I had presented it once before last year (an older version, but still, the same basic piece).

Laura Emmery playing James Orshers one note piano piece that I arranged.

Then on Friday, Lungen happened. This was a pretty amazing night. I was quite happy with the sound and received a lot of positive feedback on the project. Most of all it was fun to work with professionals who are just as dedicated as I am to making a really fabulous production. It was a really a great experience. There will be a DVD sometime in December or January.

The entire crew onstage post Lungen. That is Bianca and myself, center-stage.

Now time to get ready for the CREATE concert this Thursday night. I will premiere and new piece, as will Yutaka Makino, Curtis Roads and Horacio Vaggione and there will be a live performance by Kafffe Matthews. This will be an amazing night.


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