Thursday, May 07, 2009

9 :: a concert

Last week we went to Palo Alto and back in 24 hours. While there we looked at 14 apartments. Today we finalized the lease on one of those. Upon returning to Santa Barbara I walked into Lotte Lehman Concert Hall and on to the stage to announce the beginning of 9!

This concert was huge in multiple dimensions.
1. Most of the day-of prep (a 12 hour ritual of madness) was handled by Luke Taylor.
2. It was in Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall (the big one on campus)
3. The program was what a new music concert should be... experimental, varied and long! (It is worth noting that Luke had a piece that was performed with light sensors, during which he wrote an email to his composition teacher, Clarence Barlow)

It was a great show and I am so happy to see everyone come together and show off their aesthetic wares.

I played a short piece that has been my outlet for ideas I come across while studying. It has a long way to go, but it is fun. Zico


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