Friday, June 22, 2012

Japanesse Noise

A good mix from C. Spencer Yeh Tracklist (note: all tracks are edited for the purposes of this mix) 01. Violent Onsen Geisha 'Heavy Introduction' 02. Government Alpha 'Anonym Slander' 03. The Gerogerigegege 'Nothing to Hear, Nothing to... 1985' 04. K2 'We Destroyed Barcelona Again' 05. Aube 'Aquatremble 2' 06. Merzbow 'Chant 2 (Part 1)' 07. Hedlah 'Proud Flesh' 08. Solmania 'Panic Bend Rock' 09. MSBR 'Psychic Blue' 10. Incapacitants 'Necrosis' 11. Masonna 'Spectrum Ripper (Part XVII/Part XII)' 12. Hanatarash 'We Are 0:00' 13. Killer Bug 'One-Eyed Nudist' 14. Monde Bruits 'Continuum' 15. Hijokaidan 'What A Nuisance!' 16. Masomania 'Burn Me Fast' 17. C.C.C.C. 'Loud Sounds Dopa (Part II)' 18. Gomikawa Fumio 'Satan's Tail, Santa's Head' 19. Niku-Zidousha 'Untitled' 20. Flying Testicle 'Testicle Rider' 21. Pain Jerk 'Crack n' Roll' 22. Kazumoto Endo 'Itabashi Girl'


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