Sunday, July 30, 2006

Great Time, Little Report

Report Data : Got Married, Spent 10 days in remote Alaska Cabins on Honeymoon, Returned to the lower 48 via ferry and 1000 miles of driving, Traveled to PA (Christines family)and WI (my family and reception, saw the JR's new ranch, rode in Roxy and moved into a new place in Seattle. You should read Lisa's report of A Wrangell Wedding

Now that data is disseminated I can move onto what inspired this foray in cyber wordsmithing. I once imagined a project wherein I would create mini environments, Imagine little terarium with plants and water and sunlight. The point of these mini-environments is was to amplify the sounds created therein, sort of a living composition if you will. Surfing the web this AM I stumbled upon eden and thought this an interesting project that offered some interesting ideas concerning this imaginary project of mine. "New departing, Random Tangent!"
eden’s creatures begin life with little knowledge. Over time, they change, learning to adapt to their environment. Evolution ofbehaviorr leading to mating usually takes about five eden years to discover.Behaviorss that are more complex emerge between seven and seventy-five eden years and beyond.

I find these concepts of evolution aninterestingg issue. This is very clearly based on what we understand to be biological evolution ( I say it that way to denote that we are limited by our senses and current knowledgebase therefore can only understand evolution in that way). What I am toying with is the idea of evolutionn that happenss in a different way. Such as evolution yielding less complex behavior instead of more complex. Imagine becoming movement and communications becoming more economical, and life becomes more like a Noh Drama. I mean this in the sense that communicatings, sound, movement and become entwinedd and compressed and evolution becomes a distillation of complexity.

So maybe I will start fleshing out the conceptual background for a virtual world that deviates from what we consider to be the norms of reality. Or maybe I will actually build my amplified ecosystems. But that will all have to wait as this is the month in which I must study for board exams, which means I need to review the whole of Western Music according to Grout and all the rules that define the music of the "Dead White Men" (you know Bach, Beethoven, Mozart.... THAT club).


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