Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Some study, Some Fun

A random Wrangell sunset for you.

So returning to the cannon has been an illuminating undertaking. I am amazed to learn that I inherently understand formal design in ways I could not imagine even a year ago. I am unhappy to report that my sight singing has not grown exponenetially. But it is all a lot of fun actually. I am happy to report that I can hear music when looking at it, which should trasnlate to singing capability. Maybe the disparity is that I have higher standards for my singing than I once did. Ah the process of learning, how I love it. I am approaching a routine, singing in the AM, then counterpoint (16 th century this month, 18th next month) then on to part writing and form and analysis. Somewhere in there I read up on some history and correlate that with listening. It seems that my curriculum is rather parrallel in each aspect, temporally speaking so that is reassuring. There is so much to work on though. At least it is interesting.

Tonight Christine and I met with Molly and we all had a wonderful time drinking our prefered beverages and discussing health care and social policy. Molly is one smart cookie it was very interesting to contrast her perspective on health care with that of Christine and then with my own. I think it is just wonderful that Molly and I have had the opportunity to hang out in Boston and Seattle and I find it interesting to contrast our discussins then and now. Not only have we changed our orientation to life (marital status, age, professional progress etc) we have different city to react to and with. Even our orientation to the sun is different here!

Finally I should note that there has been an independent report of the Wrangell Wedding. Lisa is a great person and we had a good time shooting the shit one afternoon. She was home early from work and I was home so we just sat on the front lawn and discussed the world and what a strange and interesting place Wrangell is. I belive that she indicated that I was a bit more strange than she would have anticipated, which just goes to show that I was a born actor! And here is a shot of my bride on that spectacular evening. We spent the night on a house boat and this a self imposed digial image on her part. Note that the flowers were generously donated by people throughout Wrangell, care of their gardens, as there are no floral sales locations.


Blogger mollie said...

What a great picture of Christine. Love it! I enjoy our's great to be in Seattle with you two!!


8/09/2006 08:33:00 PM  

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