Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nebraska Day 6

This was the most solitary of days that I have spent here yet. Sleeping in and then approaching work after a good walk made for a very productive day. While I thought yesterday had been for naught, it turns out that I needed to work through the frustration, problem solving as it were and then today with some more work, this resolved. I even spent the evening working and was thinking about the rules of counterpoint! That almost never happens when I am working on a project for instruments and tonight it was just the right answer. Who knew, other than several hundred years of pedagogs.

For dinner tonight I grilled out and then sat on the porch eating and enjoying the warm summer evening. I spend most of my time indoors so this was real treat. The sound track was of a train the lumbered past Nebraska City for a good 1/2 hour, at least in terms of me being able to hear it. This train, with it's drone and the punctuating blasts of the horn was the accompaniment to a choir of churning crickets. This sound echoes in my head even as I go inside and am out auditory range.

I found a dead spider hanging outside and it was just beautiful. I spend some time photographing it while I listened to a coach spout encouragement and instructions to his young soccer team across the street. A bit overcast and with a a steady breeze it made for a really wonderful summer afternoon. Not to hot, yet the warmth of humidity was still there and the light was flat and not overwhelming as when the sun is out. I was really peaceful. I think that vibe is what carried me through a long day in front of the computer working steadily and somewhat playfully.


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