Monday, August 17, 2009

Nebraska Day 8

Eagles Club. (I actually wrote Eagles Nest, published it and then read the photo again). Is that sort of like the Boar's Nest? (20 bonus points if you know that reference, one hint Waylon Jennings).

Today I sat down to work on the viola piece and realized that I only have two more sections to complete! I was so swamped in the minutia that I lost site of fact that this piece is actually very close to completion.

If that wasn't enough, out on a walk tonight while looking for the marina (the pictures of clouds below are taken from the dock in Missouri river) there was a table with vegetables on it and a sign that read "Free." One large cucumber salad later, a realization of what wondrous time and place summer is.

I was listening back to a section of the viola piece that I made on Saturday and I realized that it sounds conspicuously like the crickets and cicadas that I have been listening to . Well maybe not entirely, but then again, I tend to listen in a pretty particular way.


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