Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nebraska Day 9

I am entirely thrilled that I am making the "Day 9" entry on 9.19.09 (I even started the entry at 9:09PM, that part was planned). As if that weren't enough today and past couple of days have been amazing.

Two days ago I stayed up until 4AM working and then recording ideas for the following day. Yesterday I awoke and implemented most of those ideas and it turned out to all be pretty good.

I went out last night to a bar/restaurant that is located in a former train station. There we met a really interesting and intelligent guy. Eric, has spent a good time away from and decidedly returned to Nebraska in order to raise a family. Yesterday was his day out golfing and then a beer and burger at The Depot. We all had a great time contrasting our perception of the world with what we projected would his children's view at our age, as well as people who had never left Nebraska, a thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening. The Depot is owned by Dave, who is from Buffalo, nice guy and a real fun place. There was a possum outside eating the cat food when I got home, terrible pic, but still kind of interesting.

Today had a bit of a slow start (go figure), but has been really productive since sitting down. About an hour ago I was interrupted in my work by amazing light and a distant thunder storm. I hope that the storm comes our way in the evening, but even if it doesn't get close enough to feel, I can hear and see it. Oh and the light had me take 250 pictures in a half hour. Along with two double rainbows. The end of the rainbow, it turns out, is here Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, go figure.

Here are some recent sounds for your listening pleasure. The first is an example of the sounds that I was making this evening.

Here is a screen shot of the session that bore the sound.

This is the first version of the electronics for the 14th section of my viola and electronics piece (that is what I have been working on here in Nebraska and for the past year). Still needs some work, but getting close.


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