Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Agostino Di Scipio

A really interesting work. Although I can't help but think about the analog creation of pigment versus the digital extraction of sound that is controlled by an algorithm. I like the idea of it being more analog. Although, I really like the system used and the results. Still the underlying poetic impetus is important to me.

Surface Impact Studies, A. Di Scipio M. Guerra from Matias Guerra on Vimeo.

The Text from the post
Surface Impact Studies is, in this form, a performance of which I am co-author with Agostino Di Scipio.
He has elaborated several Surface Impact Studies (check xoomer.virgilio.it/​adiscipi/​ListOfWorks1.htm).
This particular form is for painting and electronics (adaptive live signal processing) commissioned by Champs d'Action, Antwerpen.
The video has an introductory text with a studio recording done in Di Scipio's studio, following is a 5 minute resume of the performance, it starts in sync to loose it after a minute or so. The audio of the performance is from the camera so it's just to give an idea of the physical gestures involved.


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