Thursday, June 28, 2012

open society priciples

This is a very compelling suggestion for open world principles. The idea of filter is important to his sense of the problems with open society. Hearing this, it occurs to me that openness either began in the arts of the 1950-70's or it has yet to happen. His Four Principles are 1. Collaboration 2. Transparency 3. Sharing 4. Empowerment The music at the end seemed a bit off to me and not just because it is cliche, but rather, because it is about a hierarchical counterpoint system, where the ground bass reigns. That hierarchy is exactly what he is arguing against. On the other hand, the interdependence and the ascent of the individual from the masses is appropriate. What I think is more realistic is a higher degree of granularity in the sense of sound. The starlings provide a decent illustration, but I prefer the notion of clouds and weather, where the "individual" undergoes transformations and mutations.


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