Monday, April 30, 2007


I am working on a new technique where-by I utilize Plaster of Paris to document sound. This is done by placing a piece of plastic on top of a speaker and then running 75HZ, 150HZ and 300HZ through the speaker to create motion, leading to a solid form that is the result of the sound history. There is a great deal of tinkering and development to reach the final stage, but this is a silent video of the first experiment.

Also, I received the MIXI M100 that I ordered for my birthday today, it is a gift from my parents, I just tracked it down. It is a 17 fader midi controller that was made in 1988! It is fabulous and I am quite thrilled. What an exciting day.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

water noise

There is book called "Noise Water Meat", I began reading it at the onset of the quarter and even met the author. As the quarter has progressed, that book unfortunately got set aside. I have been working on my set up for the Noise ensemble and developed a trickling water input, it is very nice. The idea of generating fields of sound that are slowly manipulated is beginning to take route, although we are still prone to loud outburst, I think this is the result of exposure or rather being drown in the "Me Generation." I began thinking about the Baby Boom Generation and how they have may be one of the first generations to not be thinking about the world that they are leaving to their kids or later generations, no... it is all about them. Well, I don't like that. I began searching for intellectual articulations of this idea and found very little except for Christian's looking to turn backwards to the implementation of a value system that never really caught on. (I mean that the implementation did not catch on, not the values, those... well, just look around you).

So I have been imagining a world that is post Apocalypse, where the fallout is not from a bomb, but rather it is from a "Lack of thought bomb". I am sure it does not help to be in Santa Barbara, as this just reinforces American Meism, but it seems to be everywhere.

So here is a recording of today's work.
There is noise, there is water and the meat... well we could smell the BBQ.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I have not written blogs for a while, but I have made a bunch of new music.
Here is an example :: witness
That is the scene of the creation. This audio is the work of myself and my noise cohort, Nick Wymbs. We will make our concert debut on March 21 at the Pescadrome.