Sunday, July 06, 2008

Gap Fire

Yes the sky was that color!

Who knew that living in Goleta would put one in line for the number one CA fire emergency. The Gap Fire seems to have eased up today. After having moved the irreplacable's to a friends place, who is in Santa Barbara which is not threatened, it has been a wait and watch. It is amazing to look out at the hills at night and see the smoke illuminated by what are very large and I am sure hot walls of flames. On the upside, it did point out, as many people knew, that the Independent is the only worthwhile newspaper in town, as they were actually disseminating information, while the voice of the overstuffed, the santa barbara news press (no link available!!) had nothing for people who were not willing to pay. Also, the local radio station KCSB, did a great job of getting the information out, via the radio and phone. Here is a great article on them in the Independent.

A firery line in the distance (about 4 miles away give or take) . This is the view from our neighborhood.

The same view before the sun sets and looking more to the north. All those specs that reflect the light of the flash are ash that has been and is floating in the air.

This is the same view, facing more to the south and with a snippet of the flames. This picture is zoomed into one of the 10-20 odd spots in the first picture.

Here is about half of the line that is scene in the first picture, but during the day.

The edge of the smoke cloud that hangs over Goleta. The sun gets darkened during the day so that it is akin to dusk.

The sun on the edge of the smoke cloud during sun set. While this picture is pretty close, it doesn't represent how amazing the color actually was.


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