Sunday, October 12, 2008


Among my other projects, I am currently focused on the creation of the electronic sound component of Lungen. Created and organized by Bianca Brigidi & Alejandro Casazi, this project was awarded the Visual, Performing and Media Arts Award by the Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, University of California, Santa Barbara. The main objective is to connect audience and presentation based on the premise that one simple event ha[[ens with every human being. This element is the breathing. The performance will occur

November 7th, @ seven PM, the year 2008
in the
Multicultural Center @ UC Santa Barbara

The structure of this performance is a combination of the pacing and and movement of the dancer, whose movement will be traced on a large piece of paper by the artist Alejandro Casazi, following and accentuating the time of each breath and the entire performance. The sound component is designed to generate the larger temporal structure and the moment to moment of the performance will be the result of the breathing of the dancer (as she dances each individual breath).

Here is a link to a more complete description.


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