Monday, July 28, 2008

making way

Twelve hours of work, 2 max patches,1 SuperCollider patch and I have an extended version of PaperWorks. I am happy with the progress, but there is a great deal more to be done and it will take some time. But in contrast to Arduous (see the player on the side bar) this piece will not suck because I didn't use good monitors. No, I have been at school working with the Event 20/20's. I don't use the really good ones until I get it into decent shape, then master tweaking. Here is a bounce of the latest.

Also, I burned all the Wladorf Statlir Cd's so not it can actually be sold! I will put up the info and a paypal address, so the masses can indulge.

In CA news, I hear that Keith Kirchoff will be moving to LA in Sept (his wife Erica got a gig with the LA opera) and Yutaka will be back for the year working as the CREATE shop keeper. Should be a great year. Especially if I learn to program C++ before the academic season begins.


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