Friday, August 18, 2006

Ani DiFranco

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Live at the Marymoor.
We hung out some with the woman who gave us the tickets and her boyfriend, they were nice. My guess is she will drop him. It felt good to see an outdoor show and it was a bit ironic that Ani had lyrics that hit the military upside the head, "I do not support the troops" yet the guy in front of us was obviously a big fan and also decked out in his Army Airborne uniform. Ani also spoke some about her pregnancy, who knew, well I suppose a lot of her adoring fans did, but I didn't. Finally, the bass player and the percussionist that she had with her were pretty good. They were underspoken in terms of playing, but it was obvious that they were very gifted musicians and they did a great job of filling out her songs, atleast as much as she allowed room for. I got the feeling that her songs were pretty hard to fill out because they were already pretty full with her being present. Problem with that is there were only a couple of places to make some interesting deviations while most of them were live playing of things you would hear on a record. Maybe I listened to to many jam bands and am therefore prejudiced. All in all, it was fun to hear some live sounds and watch many women dance. I mean, how often is a concert 90% women?


Blogger Nathan said...

I don't know if Ani had a breakthrough song, she was always just there, I first noticed her when she released 'Little Plastic Castles" Go figure!

8/18/2006 10:27:00 PM  

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