Sunday, May 20, 2007

ready for the noise

This week saw rehearsal of the noise duo spread over two days. This time also was spent preparing for the show this coming Friday.

The sounds that we ended up with this week feel even more precise and closer to what we are after. If we are able to create this in concert it will be fabulous!
The feeling around these parts is a bit gloomier than usual as it is overcast for 1/2 of the day. I actually enjoy it, as it reminds me of Seattle, but it does not seem to sit well with the natives. Of course by 1:00 it is sunny and nice. Being that it is Sunday I had my folly of the week. Just as the sun came out and I was becoming relaxed I went outside and did a little cleaning of the car. As I was walking back from the car... I stepped on a bee and it stung me between my toes. It is really quite amazing, every Sunday a new reminder of my mortality. I hope this is amusing someone because it might as well be put to a good use.


Blogger Nathan said...

I am amused, but my day is Friday. Two fridays ago for to water and killed a plant, and the past friday I spilled a rum and coke on my coffee table, where my computer sat. My laptop is working fine, so far, but my 'return' key has ceased to function. That is a problem..... Good luck with the show.

5/20/2007 11:00:00 PM  

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