Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer 2007

It seems that the academic year and my desire to over extend myself took a toll on me. Hence the three weeks of respite and a quarter of academic life without posts. Since leaving Santa Barbara I spent two weeks in Billings Montana and one in Wisconsin, this blog finds me at our summer residence in Hyde Park Chicago. It is nice to get back to work and be spending my days writing music again.

Billings is was an interesting place to visit, as was Bozeman. Once you get out into the mountains you quickly learn why people live there, as the city life is more like small town life. While we went to Yellowstone and went on several hikes.....

The real highlight was a driving to Bozeman and then wandering out into the wilderness to take in the big sky and then returning to civilization only to impale the rental car's tire with a screwdriver...

Those images are the real thing! The screwdriver must have been kicked up by the front tire and then miraculously lodged in the back tire, then it broke off once inside. But that did not slow us down because there was a rodeo in Big Timber that night, so we just fixed the tire and went to the rodeo. Needless to say, we were dressed inappropriately, apparently a rodeo is best observed with Wranglers and a button down shirt. Apparently I missed that memo. It was quite amazing none the less.

Montana was an interesting adventure and a beautiful place to see.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris, these are beautiful Montana pictures. We were just through Bozeman and Billings last week. I could happily live there.

8/10/2007 09:29:00 AM  

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